A Simple Key For תגיש לי Unveiled

פרסמו אצלנו תקנון אודות כתבו לנו קידום אתרים נגישות בלוגים תפוז עסקים מסחר קווי מצוקה עסקים קטנים דיווח על הפרת זכויות יוצרים משפחה

Note that any unsourced and untagged pictures will likely be deleted one particular week after they have been uploaded, as described on requirements for speedy deletion.

When you established this file, be sure to note that The point that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't always suggest that we don't value your sort contribution. It simply just means that a single individual believes that there is some precise difficulty with it, for instance a copyright situation.

"אל תשתדל כל כך להתחיל עם בנות – במיוחד עם כאלה שלא רוצות אותך." אמר לו ג'יימס.

המשימה של ונסה הייתה שיא הערב. הבנות הלכו לישון בשעה שלוש בערב, כשקים השתיקה אותן ואמרה להם שמקגונגל באה לבדוק מי עושה רעש.

Hello Deror avi, I see you are definitely the Call for Pikiwiki. I'm at the moment trying to find photographers who might help me with some pics from Israel as shown at en:Consumer:Russavia/Required_photos#.

This image displays Vienna (=Wien) not Nuremberg. (exactly the same image /more substantial and with headline as well as story) It can't be Nuremberg, mainly because from 1499 to 1850 it was not permitted there for Jewish individuals to be a citizen.

"זה היה מאוד אצילי מה שעשית עכשיו, ג'יימס." אמרה ונסה, כשהיא מתיישבת לידו.

The 2017 wikitext editor is accessible being a Beta Element on desktop equipment. It has the identical toolbar as being the Visible editor and might utilize the citoid services along with other fashionable instruments. more info The team are evaluating the efficiency of different editing environments. They have got researched how much time it takes to open the web page and start typing.

אך התשובה לשלוש השאלות הללו התגלתה בערב היום למחרת, כאשר ג'יימס נכנס לחדר והוטח במטר מים קרים, שלא הורגשו בגלל החום הכבד ששרר בחדר.

In case you created this file, you should Be aware that The reality that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't always suggest that we don't benefit your kind contribution. It only ensures that a single individual thinks that there's some particular dilemma with it, such as a copyright concern.

Contemplating its the new yr, I believe you ought to try out the 2000's comic to your following decision. Preserve the Other folks for afterwards, you've got bought to perform just one on that, and I might even create a video based upon it

Thanks once again on your uploads! A lot more specifics of categorization can be found in Commons:Categories, and don't hesitate to go away a Take note on the help desk.

תודה על תרומתך בניטור, חשוב מאוד שיהיו מנטרים פעילים בעיקר בשעות כאלה.

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